Nitrocross Reveal 2024-25 Schedule

February 29, 2024Joe Moore

Earlier today Nitrocross revealed an updated version of the 2024-25 season schedule. Find out more below. 

Round 1&2 Richmond Virginia, Sep 7-8 2024

The 2024-25 Nitrocross season will kick off in a brand new location once again. As the championship will be heading to Richmond Virginia. The venue for the opening round is the legendary Richmond Raceway. The Nitrocross track crew will build a new custom track at the NASCAR track. While also likely using part of the already existing track for the Nitrocross track. 

Round 3&4 Salt Lake City Utah, Oct 4-5 2024

The home of Nitrocross, Salt Lake City Utah will once again be a part of the Nitrocross calendar in 2024-25. Salt Lake City is a special place for Nitrocross. As the series began there as a one-off event in both 2018 and 2019. This was before the Nitrocross became its own series in 2021. Salt Lake has only been absent from the Nitrocross championship one time. That lone time being in 2022-23. When the scheduling for the track just didn’t work out with the Nitrocross schedule. Salt Lake was deeply missed that season, and it was a welcomed return this season. 

Round 5&6 Phoenix Arizona, Nov 15-16 2024

Yet another returning location for the 2024-25 seasons midpoint. Phoenix has been a mainstay in Nitrocross since 2021. The event will likely take place at Wild Horse Pass again next season. Nitrocross Phoenix will also be the final event of the 2024 calendar year. As no event will be run in December next season. 

Round 7&8 Miami Florida, Jan 11-12 2025 

Miami will mark the second new event on the 2024-25 calendar. This isn’t the first time Nitrocross has gone to Florida however. As the 2021 championship concluded its season in the Sunshine State. Miami will make the location new and exciting, however. It will also be just the second time Nitrocross has gone to the East Coast of America since the introduction of Group E. Florida has a huge potential market for Rallycross. If you want to make a splash in the region, no better place to do it than Miami. 

Winter Invitational Calgary Canada, 31 Jan – Feb 1, 2025

After two years of bad weather preventing Calgary from being a championship round Nitrocross has decided to make the event a Winter Invitational. What this exactly means is unknown at this time and we won’t likely know until closer to the event. However, Calgary time and time again has proven to be a good market for fans. Hence why the event wasn’t completely dropped from the calendar. The championship will continue to try their best at the snow event. However, weather is completely out of their control. 

Rounds 9&10 Las Vegas Nevada, 28 Feb- Mar 1, 2025

The 2024-25 Nitrocross season will conclude in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas Nevada. Sin City is also concluding the 2023-24 season this weekend. Las Vegas has yet to show what the market is like. However, there is absolutely no doubt Thrill One will once again pull out all the stops to attract as many fans as possible to the season finale. Exact event details are still unknown, as the event is exactly a year away.