Carlos Sainz Issued an Ultimatum for his 2025 Seat at Audi

April 5, 2024Ramon Jones
Formula 1

Carlos Sainz has been the subject of chatter in the transfer market as he is still without a seat for the 2025 season. Sainz’s contract with Ferrari ends at the conclusion of the 2024 season. After coming off of a race win Sainz has shown his doubters that he still has what it takes to win in Formula 1. However, he is still unemployed. One potential move for Sainz would be to join Audi who will be new comers to the current era of Formula 1 and hold uncertainty for the driver.

Audi Joining F1 in 2026

Talks with Audi began last year when it was announced they would be acquiring Sauber at the start of the new technical regulations in 2026. However, Sainz at 32 years of age has much to consider in terms of the future of his career. One one arm he had been offered a seat with Audi that now comes with a two week ultimatum to accept or he can risk the seat and potentially be picked up by one of the other teams on the grid who have vacancies.

The most likely appear to be Red Bull Racing, Mercedes and Aston Martin. Sainz isn’t interested in the money as a motivator per se. He wants to drive a competitive car that can take the fight to the Ferraris and the rest of the “Top 4” who seem to be finally headed in the right direction. With limited time left in his career; his decision has to be strategic. A tenure such as Fernando Alonso’s 20 year run is not typical in F1. Given where Sainz is in his career compared to where Alonso was at this point Sainz needs to make a splash if he wants to stay on the grid.

Now that Sainz is on the clock with Audi a potential move elsewhere will require swift action by the parties interested in him. If such a move is to be made we would expect to hear about it within the week. We will update this story as more develops.