Adrian Newey Rumored to be Exiting Red Bull Camp Amidst Power Struggle

April 25, 2024Ramon Jones
Formula 1

The rumor mill has swirled this weekend regarding the potential departure of legendary car designer Adrian Newey and an early termination of his contract with Red Bull. Newey is officially contracted through 2025 however the rumors suggest there continues to be a power struggle in the Red Bull camp that Newey may no long want to be a part of. Newey’s presence at Red Bull has been a very positive one. He’s spent the last 20 years help Red Bull to achieve multiple world championships. The future of that legacy is in question. No official statement has been made regarding an exit. It’s unclear if the damage is done within the Red Bull camp or if there is a path forward for reconciliation.

Christian Horner’s Ongoing Investigation Still Playing a Role?

Despite being cleared of any wrong doing, Horner’s accuser continues to press for a different response internally. No additional findings have come to light in the public eye. It is unclear if any new evidence is available to be considered. What’s clear is based on race results it’s business as usual at Red Bull. Verstappen has maintained his winning ways and the team has showed no signs of slowing down. Sergio Perez also continues to perform. He sits PP2 in the championship currently behind Max.

Maybe Newey wants a new challenge. Maybe there is a power struggle. Regardless Newey has the perfect recipe of drivers at Red Bull. He may face challenges finding harmony elsewhere in the future. If these rumors are true Newey will be an asset to any team he joins. The question is how long it will take for those effect to be reflected in the car.