Rally1 To Remain In WRC Until 2027

June 13, 2024Joe Moore

Earlier this week the FIA announced Rally1 and Rally2 cars will remain in the WRC for the next two seasons. 

A Change Of Heart

Earlier this year new regulations for both the 2025 and 2026 World Rally Championship seasons were proposed. The fate of these regulations were to be decided earlier this week (June 11th) by the World Motorsport Council. They chose to decline the proposed regulations and keep the current ones for two more seasons. The proposed regulations’ biggest changes were to remove the hybrid unit from the Rally1 cars and the introduction of Rally2+ cars. Neither of these things will happen. Whether or not this was the correct decision will be debated by fans across the world for a while. Personally, I agree with the move to keep the current regulations. 

Voices Were Heard

Over the last couple of months since the regulations were proposed fans and teams have made their voices heard about the displeasure of the regulations. Hyundai team principal Cyril Abiteboul went on record and said the team wouldn’t spend a dime on the new regulations. Team principals of both M-Sport Ford and Toyota also made their voices heard in regards to the new regulations. Overall it’s a good sign from the FIA that they heard the voices of the teams and made changes from those decisions. Especially when they took the initial steps without consulting the teams. It was also nice to see the teams band together and speak on what they believe in. As previously mentioned this decision will of course have those against it as Rally1 cars have since they debuted.


Ben Sulayem – FIA President 

“The WRC is hugely important to the FIA, it is the pinnacle of the rally discipline and I have had a lot of conversations with the manufacturers over the past weeks about its future direction. It is clear now that we all need to have technical stability for the next two years, but at the same time it is important for the FIA that, in providing this stability, we receive the same positive commitment from the manufacturers.” 

Jona Siebel – WRC Promoter Managing Director

“As the WRC Promoter this is a hugely important moment for us, as we can move forward with unity and consistency over the next two years from a technical perspective while we are investing heavily in new and exciting ways to grow the fanbase of the sport and deliver for our fans.” 

Jari-Matti Latvala – Team Principal Toyota Gazoo Racing

“We have a very solid commitment to the World Rally Championship, and we are really supportive of a continued collaborative approach to ensure the strongest competition for all of us.”

Cyril Abiteboul – Team Principal Hyundai Motorsport

“We have worked very closely together with the FIA over the past months and while we all believe that stability of the technical regulations for 2025 and 2026 is the right thing, the very substantial steps made on the governance will provide for a more unified and positive approach towards the short term improvements and long term breakthroughs that we all agree the sport needs.” 

Malcolm Wilson – M-Sport Ford 

“This is a really positive step for us in the coming years. We have seen some good proposals on the promotion side, on the marketing side and the plans for event operations and now the work to make those things happen needs to start, and with a consistent proposition on the technical side, I think the scope is there to achieve our ambitious targets for the WRC.” 

Anna Nordkvist – Rally Sweden General Manager 

“From the side of the organisers, there are a lot of positive initiatives starting now that are going to bring a big benefit to the sport and the fans. All of the rallies are different, but with more flexibility and more focus on the fan experience, everyone will benefit. The work being done on the Sporting Regulations is really important for us.” 

Thierry Neuville – Driver Hyundai Motorsport 

“It is good to hear today that we have the stability the teams have requested and from the meetings we had in Sardinia, it looks like there are some interesting proposals on the table for the future development of the sport. In addition to this, the FIA’s increased promotional efforts promise to elevate our sport’s profile and deliver greater value to all stakeholders. As a driver, I am excited to see the changes that will not only maintain but enhance our connection with fans worldwide, ensuring that the sport continues to grow and thrive.”