Checking In On William Creighton

June 15, 2024Joe Moore

Reigning Junior World Rally Champion William Creighton has made the move up to the WRC2 category, but how has he done so far this season? 

Finding Pace

William Creighton has contested four of his seven WRC2 scoring rounds. However, he has only managed to take home points in one of those events. That event was the Croatia Rally where he finished 10th in class. This isn’t much of a concern for the young Irishman. As the WRC2 championship is arguably the most difficult championship in the WRC. As a large entry list of drivers is at every European event. Which makes it hard to get into a scoring position, especially for a young driver with little experience in a WRC2 car. Creighton’s main priority this season is getting comfortable in the WRC2 car. Next season he can begin to focus more on the results. It is worth mentioning that Creighton does have a handful of top-five stage times under his belt already. 

What To Expect From Creighton 

The 26-year-old Irishman as previously mentioned shouldn’t be overly concerned with results at this point in time. His top priority should be getting comfortable in the car and finding pace based on that. No driver has jumped into a WRC2 car and put up great results instantly. Next season will be the bigger question for Creighton. As it will be his sophomore year in the car and results will be expected after a certain point. The M-Sport team behind Creighton knows not to push the youngster too far this early on. They may start pushing him a bit around the end of the season, but it wouldn’t be a large push. Just something like setting a slightly higher expectation. Overall there’s nothing to be concerned about at this point with Creighton, he is still the same driver who won the Junior World Rally Championship.