Kevin Hansen Names Nitrocross’ Utah Track As His Favorite

June 15, 2024Joe Moore
NitroCrossWorld RX

In a recent Q&A Kevin Hansen named the Nitrocross Utah track as his favourite RX track, why could that be? 

The Q&A In Question 

First and foremost here is a link to the clip of the Hansen World RX Team posted of the Q&A in question. Hansen when asked “What is your favourite RX track” said the Nitrocross track in Utah remains his favourite even though he hasn’t competed at the track since 2019. The young Swede is a one-time winner at the track, with his brother Timmy also being a winner there. 

What Makes The Nitrocross Utah Track So Unique? 

The Nitrocross Utah track is the brainchild of action sports legend Travis Pastrana. It was also the initial track designed by Pastrana back when Nitrocross, known then as Nitro Rallycross. It began as a one-off event at the track in 2018 and 2019. Before becoming a full series in 2021. The track features a large gap jump, something that isn’t extremely common in the European style of Rallycross. Since 2018, Nitrocross has used tracks all over the United States and events in Sweden and the UK at the legendary Lyddenn Hill track. Which in turn makes the Utah track slightly less unique. Nevertheless, Kevin Hansen has only competed at a handful of Nitrocross tracks. Which he did back in 2021 when he finished fourth in the championship. 

Could We See Kevin Back In Nitrocross? 

Timmy Hansen made his Nitrocross re-debut at the 2023-24 season finale in Las Vegas. Could we potentially see both Hansen brothers again in this upcoming season? Well, it’s been reported that there is interest from the Hansens to return to the championship this upcoming season. Both would be welcomed additions to the championship. Even just as a one-off, it would be nice to see both of them back.