Looking Back: Ken Block’s World RX Debut

June 15, 2024Joe Moore
World RX

Today marks 10 years since Ken Block made his World RX debut in Norway. Let’s take a look back in time at the legends’ debut. 


Liam Doran topped the heat standings, winning two of the four heats. Reinis Nitišs was second in the heat classification, winning only one heat and finishing second in another. Timur Timerzyanov finished third in the classification, taking no heat wins and two top-three finishes. Toomas Heikkinen had the fourth-fastest time in the heat classification, taking home two second-place finishes. Rounding out the top five was eventual champion Petter Solberg. Who took home the final heat win and finished third in a separate heat. Ken Block finished eighth in the heat classification. 


Semi-final 1

Petter Solberg topped the first semi-final to advance to the front row of the finals at his home event. Solberg barely beat out Timur Timerzyanov, as just 0.168 seconds separated the two. Fellow Norwegian Henning Solberg was third in the semi-final, 3.170 seconds slower than his brother Petter. 

Semi-final 2 

Reinis Nitišs took the win in the second semi-final to join Petter Solberg on the front row of the finals. Nitišs much like Solberg barely took home the semi-final win. As just 0.014 seconds separated Nitišs from Timmy Hansen. Ken Block in his debut World RX event finished third in the semi-final, 2.306 seconds slower than Nitišs. 


Reinis Nitišs took home his first-ever World Rallycross win. As the Latvian beat out Petter Solberg by just 0.988 seconds. Ken Block finished third in the finals, 3.892 seconds slower than Nitišs. Timur Timerzyanov was fourth fastest, 5.374 seconds slower than Nitišs. Henning Solberg rounded out the top five on the stage, finishing 9.875 seconds slower than Nitišs. 

Why Was This Important?

Ken Block’s podium at the 2014 running of the World RX Of Norway marked the first time an American and non-European finished on the podium of a World RX event. It also proved to everyone that Americans could compete with the drivers over in Europe on their home tracks. Tanner Foust would ultimately become the first non-European driver to win a World RX event. As Foust won the next round of the 2014 season, the World RX Of Finland. Block never managed to take home a World RX win. He would take home another third-place finish in 2015 at the World RX Of Hockenheim. Block contested two full seasons of the World RX. Finishing 14th in the championship in 2015 and 9th in 2016.