Nitrocross Unveils Round One Track

June 9, 2023Joe Moore

We are one week away from the start of the 2023-24 Nitrocross season. Earlier today the championship announced the track design.

Where Will Round One Be?

The first round of the 2023-24 Nitrocross season will take place at MidAmerica Outdoor in Jay Oklahoma. Round one will see some world-class Rallycross drivers square off for all-important early-season championship points. With drivers such as Travis Pastrana, Conner Martell and Fraser McConnell confirmed for the event. Pastrana, Martell and McConnell won’t be the only drivers next weekend as the entry list for round one hasn’t officially been announced. It is expected that Andreas Bakkerud, Robin Larsson, Oliver and Kevin Eriksson, Oliver Bennett, and Kris Meeke among others will be at the event. 

The Track Design

Photo Credit Nitrocross

Round one of the 2023-24 Nitrocross season will for the first time feature a purpose-built track for Nitrocross. As per usual the track was designed by Travis Pastrana. Which could only mean one thing, the track is absolutely insane and pushes drivers and the cars to the absolute limit. Pastrana didn’t disappoint.
As the track features 150 feet of elevation changes. The track begins with a massive tarmac descent off the start line. After the starting descent, the surface changes to dirt, in the form of a massive banked hairpin turn. The track also features tight snaking corners and an over-under-joker lap split. Much like the one seen on the original track used in Utah during the 2018, 2019 and 2021 events. The track features one of the largest, if not the largest bankings in a corner in Rallycross. The track was designed in such a way to allow drivers to pass wherever and for different driving styles to shine through. With Pastrana saying “Our goal is to make multiple lines in almost every corner so different driving styles will shine through.” 

Nowhere Near Complete

Although this is the first purpose-built Nitrocross track, which has allowed Pastrana to let the creative juices flow. Not that Pastrana hasn’t done that already last season. A custom-built track has allowed Pastrana the opportunity to take that creativity to another level, and Pastrana feels the track is nowhere near complete. With Pastrana saying “This is the first purpose-built track, but it’s nowhere near complete. We’re just getting started. Every year it will evolve, the goal is to be able to run most of the track forward and backward. We will concrete some turns and pave others. There will be an option to run a dirt section that we can change from year-to-year and run everything from Lemons cars to Supermoto to off-road trucks. MidAmerica in Oklahoma looks to be the best track on the Nitrocross circuit this year and it will only get better from here!” 

Festival Of Motorsport

Round one of the 2023-24 Nitrocross season won’t be the only event taking place in Jay Oklahoma next weekend. As the championship will close-out Visions Off-Road. With Visions showcasing the biggest off-road racing in motorsport. With the event including the brand-new MAO Racing Truck Championship and Ultra4 USA. On top of all the racing fun, fans can enjoy live music and entertainment each day at Visions Off-Road.